CISA Award Winners 2023


First of all, it must be said how happy we are about the high quality of all the dancers in the ensemble of the Augsburg State Theatre.

Nevertheless, one, time and again, with his outstanding personality and intense performance, has attracted attention in all productions of the Augsburg State Theatre Ballet, whether in “Godani-Goecke-Fernando” or “Kontraste”, “Dimensions of Dance 4” or “The Fairy Queen”.

The dance performance in the piece “Moving” by Peter Chu was also outstanding.

All these wonderful moments that we were able to experience with him led us to the decision that the CISA 2023 Theatre Award goes to Gonçalo Martins da Silva. Congratulations on this year’s CISA Award in the ballet category!



The jury chose Sally du Randt. She convinced the jury with her interpretation of Ellen Orford in the opera “Peter Grimes”. In addition to her vocal performance, she succeeded in believably supporting the leading actor and letting the opera thriller get under the skin. Leonore in the opera “Fidelio” was interpreted in a way that went to the heart, with minimalist actions, concentrating only on the voice. We also have lasting memories of her Leonore in a previous production.

In Arnold Schönberg’s monodrama “Erwartung” she once again proved her ability to change, depending on the requirements or interpretation of the director.

We had great moments when Sally du Randt interpreted opera roles by Richard Strauss: Ariadne in “Ariadne auf Naxos”, the title role in Salome and Chrysothemis, sister of Elektra. We also like to rave about her Vitellia in “La clemenza di Tito”.  Another prize-winner for the jury was Sally du Randt’s role interpretation of the wife Magda from “The Consul”.

We wish Sally du Randt -and us- many more good roles in the future.



Since 2017 member of the Staatstheater Augsburg ensemble, Sebastian Müller-Stahl regularly gives strong performances, among others in Peer Gynt, Käthchen von Heilbronn, Der Sturm, Der Untergang des Egoisten Fatzer, Die Physiker, Der Drache, Auf dem Paseo del Prado mittags Don Klaus and many more. This season he was particularly brilliant as Johnny “Rooster” Byron in the German-language premiere of “Jerusalem”, for which he gave his all. An anti-hero, an outcast, a storyteller who reaches the point that only he believes in himself.

“Ingenious,” says Richard Mayr of the Augsburger Allgemeine, “how Sebastian Müller-Stahl explored this and stood in the limelight for four hours. Where did he stand?  He was always on the move, his Byron cannot stand still…”.
“He throws his body with power into this role of violence, as a dazzling forest rascal with muscles, whiskers and wrecking-ball charisma”
, said Veronika Lintner, also from the Augsburger Allgemeine, in her review of the premiere in September 2022 – “and who, despite, or perhaps because of this? develops a certain charm and attraction, especially for the young people who come to him to live out their dreams, their longings.” Justifiably, there was enthusiastic applause for this commitment, for this energy time and again.”

Congratulations to Sebastian Müller-Stahl for this great performance and for this year’s theatre award “Golden CISA”.



All those interested in theatre voted online for the acclaimed production “Jerusalem” with 16.1% of all votes at the top and thus for the Audience Award of the 2022/23 season!  The extremely lively participation in the voting for the most popular play produced a large cross-section of audience preferences and is proof for us as the Friends of the Staatstheater that such an award, in addition to honoring individual artists in the individual sections, will continue to be fully justified in the future. Out of 28 productions, 26 received audience votes.

The presumed favorites, a well-known opera or the ballets that are very popular in Augsburg, were not able to come out on top this year. The favorites even changed several times in the course of the voting. First place therefore for the German-language premiere of Jez Butterworth’s play ‘Jerusalem’.  A double success for ‘Jerusalem’, after the ‘Golden CISA’ in the drama category was awarded to Sebastian Müller-Stahl, among others, for his outstanding performance in this play.

Congratulations to State Director André Bücker on this production and thus on the audience award “Golden CISA”!